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This interesting conference will be part of the UNESCO-UNITWIN Network activity and will take place in the beginning of June 2012.  For details click here!!!

The workshop hosted 15 members of the network for a comprehensive assessment of the level of community integration and involvement in cultural tourism in the Old Akko World Heritage Site in the North of Israel. Concrete action items which were obtained using Nominal Group Technique and the Value Stretch model will be soon distributed among all stakeholders involved in tourism development in the Old City of Akko. It is hoped the methodology successfully used in this workshop will serve as a raw model in community planning in and around UNESCO inscribed World Heritage Sites. for pictures from the workshop click here!<-->

Akko The workshops brings together 15 Cultural Tourism Experts from 6 different countries to discuss ways to better integrate the local community in Acre to its evolving cultural tourism sector.  The results of this workshop will be presented to all stakeholders in Acre and the final report will be handed to the city hoping it will create the necessary changes.

Two years after completing the first study on public reaction to travel warnings, CTPRR was commisioned to conduct a follow-up study. Its aim is to measure the differences in public reaction to travel warnings issued by the Anti Terror Office of the Israeli National Security Council since the 2009 study.

y-2More than 500 paricipatns, academics, wine producers, winery owners, Tourism, Agriculture and Commerce Ministry delegates and students attended this conference.  This year meeting was dedicated to Wine Tourism Planning & Development.  The conferece took place at the Hechet Auditorium, University of Haifa,  December 22-23, 2010

The study was commisioned by the Israeli Government’s Anti Terror Office and was based over 600 interviews with Israeli tourists travelling overseas.  Its main conclusion was that while over 70% of the Israelis respect the content of travel warnings issued by the Government through the ATO, only 30% of them are ready to change their travel behavior as a direct consequent of these warnings.

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The new program of the Center’s Academic Seminar is now available. Click here for the program: seminar-2010


  A new Research project by Dr. Noga Collins-Kreiner and Dr. Deborah Shmueli dealing with “Spatial Transgression -  the case of new religious sites in  Israel” will be sponsored by the Israeli Science Foundation. For More details  press heremormon

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